Les concurrents de la Transdromoise 2017

6. LUCAS DE JONG, Hollande


I am a pilot from the Pays Bas, so flatlands flying (XC) from a tow-winch is what we do here in the Netherlands. Then we go 2 or 3 times a year to the Alps. Since a few years I started committing more and more to Fly&Hikes. For me the spirit of free flying is where one hikes to a quiet starting place, sets out the task and feels the day and goes airborne. I did several Fly&Hikes with friends and i like the idea of 5 days amicale competitionI fly for over 10 years and like to advance in secured way, until recently flying B-wingsin the mountains and going XC. Great nature, fun people and rewarding walking and flying. I like to take the day and the circumstances as they come going far if possible and choosing safety where felt best. Since i love running out in nature i will enjoy the walking part definitely also, it is a joyfull part of the game.I fly a Sigma9 with an Ozium, a great light XC combi,When going XC I have a small 5liter bag holding from toothbrush to battery pack. I prefer landing on top for a pee and restart above carrying a pee-condom ;-)